Zencart + Price Breaks + Easy Populate


Here is another update to the popular add-on for Zencart called Easy Populate. For those unfamiliar with Easy Populate, it’s a fantastic add-on for Zencart. Easy Populate allows user to create comma separated values (.csv) files to editing the list of products in their Zencart installation. A user recently emailed me requesting an additional feature of price break imports to be included in Easy Populate.
Price breaks are created in Zencart by navigation to your cart admin page. Then clicking on the menu I originally tried creating a very complex SQL query that didn’t quite reach it’s potential. I ended coding a solution that worked pretty well. The updated version of Easy Populate is availabe to download below. Instructions are included in the file about installation or upgrading from previous versions of Easy Populate.

This updated version of the script will export the model number, price, discount type, discount qty, discount price, discount qty, discount price, etc. Edit the discount type as follows:

The v_discount_type values are:
0: none,
1: Percentage,
2: Actual Price,
3: Amount off

If any item is set to discount type 0 then any previous price breaks entered will be deleted upon import of file. If you need more columns than what is exported by default, just simple copy the pattern of titles of the columns (ie discount_qty_0, discount_qty_1,…discount_qty_n and discount_price_0, discount_price_1,…discount_price_n).

Download Easy Populate v