Zencart + UPS XML Dimensional Support


One task I have put off from switching from osCommerce to ZenCart shopping cart platform, was updating the UPS XML contribution.  For those familiar with the shopping cart system, you know by default they only support standard UPS shipping. The cart figures shipping all the items together in one box. However, some products can’t be shipped together, and distorts shipping quotes for UPS. The solution that evolved in osCommerce was using UPS shipping API to get detailed freight quotes.

The UPS API accepts a XML document with shipment details, and returns rates for the various services available.  The current UPS XML  contribution for ZenCart lacked the packing and dimensional support that had been added to the osCommerce version. I was familiar with the code in osCommerce, and started porting the code over to ZenCart. Thankfully, for the override system in ZenCart, makes adding modifications alot easier.

This contribution only overwrites 2 original file. The file is:


This edits add the data entry for dimension fields to the add/update products screen. The zip file contains readme instructions for installing this.

Download zencart-UPS_XML.