CodeIgniter + UPS Worldship

This is a post I have been to get around to for quite awhile. At work we have UPS Worldship installed on our desktops for shipping out packages. I had written a small php script that could open the UPS Worldship database, and report all of our tracking numbers with links. UPS had switched from being an unprotected Microsoft Access database file, to using a Microsoft SQL (MSSQL database). This kind of broke my little php script I had written, but I was eventual able to work something together. Recently, I installed the latest update UPS Worldship 2010 Version 12. Wouldn’t you know it, broken again. I couldn’t get my little script working again. ODBC access had been removed from this version. I could no longer connect to the MS SQL  dabatabe for UPS Worldship.

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CodeIgniter + Chargify

I recently began integrating the Chargify service into a web app I am coding for codeigniter. Chargify is seems to be a slick web service for creating subscription based services. They provide a strong API, and along with a slick web based dashboard (GUI). One of the points on using the API are Chargify postbacks. I did some quick googling and didn’t turn up much in the way of chargify and codeigniter. I did find a great library for integrating the API called ChargeIgniter.

Chargify will send a json array back a POST var to your site. The docs for Chargify don’t state what variable they are submitted as. This is what I came up with.

function post_back(){
        $body = file_get_contents("php://input");
        $replace = array('[', ']');
        $replacements = array('', '');
        $body = explode(',', str_replace($replace, $replacements, $body));
       //$body now contains array of subscription ID's
       //Iterate through returned subscription IDs
       foreach($body as $subscription_id){
            $subscription = $this->chargify->get_subscription($subscription_id);
            //Do something here with $subscription details

CodeIgniter + API Library

I was recently working on another Codeigniter project that I needed to grab some phone, address, & map information for plotting on a map. After doing a little searching I found has provided an API interface for retrieving data via REST. The methods seemed simple enough, and provided an easy way to create a CodeIgniter library to due the dirty work. Continue reading CodeIgniter + API Library

Codeigniter + Geshi

Geshi is a PHP class to do the heavy lifting for syntax highlighting output to your browswer. Geshi started originally to help users highlight code posted on bulletin board sites. I converted the standard Geshi class into a Codeigniter library. Just a simple as renaming the class and created a few methods to conform to some of the options you’ll find in codeigniter.
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CodeIgniter Shopping Cart Library

CodeIgniter is a great PHP framework to work with. One of the items several CodeIgniter Logodevelopers have been asking to be included in the next CodeIgniter release, is a core library for a shopping cart. The library is being added for CI version 1.7.2, and is currently available via SVN on the CodeIgniter website.

UPDATE 09/12/2009: The shopping cart library has now been released as part of the Code Igniter stable release version 1.7.2. You can dowload it at

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Open Flash Chart 2 + CodeIgniter

Many of you maybe familiar with the CodeIgniter (CI) PHP framework. I was asked by a client recently about creating a graph for some data in a report. CodeIgniter LogoLooking through several charting libraries at the CI website, I found a few options listed in the wiki. Open Flash Chart 2 (OFC) seemed like a nice option and was also open source. There was a couple libraries written for CI using Open Flash Chart, but the recent code for OFC has recently changed. Continue reading Open Flash Chart 2 + CodeIgniter