FreeNAS + Mercurial

mercurial logoI was recently tinkering around with Mercurial and getting my feet wet using a distributed source version control. I have been using Subversion for about the past year, and has served me well. I wanted to get involved with some of the projects hosted on in order to fork some projects.  The are a number of useful Codeigniter projects and zen-cart addons on there as well. One of the main ideas behind using a DSVC is not needing a centralized server. This seems great, if you are doing your work where will you have access to the network at some point to push/pull those changesets.  I work from a couple locations and need to be able to push/pull those changes. Pricing plans on are very reasonable, but I needed to host a few extra private repositories. Got me thinking to install mercurial on that FreeNAS box sitting quietly in my basement.  I am currently using FreeNAS .69. If you are running another build of FreeNAS, you will need to find the appropriate packages for your build.It took a looking around in the FreeBSD ports to find the packages I needed. It was actually  a lot easier than  I though it would be. Here is a list of the packages you will need for FreeNAS:

  1. Mecurial 1.5.4
  2. Python 2.6.5
  3. Libiconv 1.13.1
  4. Gettext 0.18

Download each of the files to your desktop, and login into your FreeNAS webGUI. Then navigate to System->Packages. Click on the “Add” icon to install a new package. On the next screen you will see a browse button and install button.

FreeNAS install packages
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You will need to install the packages in the correct order to satisfy their dependencies. Click on the “Browse” button, then “Install” button for each in this order:

  1. libiconv-1.13.1_1.tbz
  2. gettext-0.18_1.tbz
  3. python26-2.6.5.tbz
  4. mercurial-1.5.4.tbz

Congratulations you now have mercurial installed on your FreeNAS box. You starting hosting your own repositories. I create a folder in my FreeNAS drive and issued a:

$hg init

I copied a few files in the folder from my laptop using Windows Explorer and then typed:

$hg add
$hg commit -m "Import new files into repo"

Now I clone the repo to my laptop using

$hg clone ssh://user:pass@freenas/path/to/repo local-folder

If you omit the user and pass from the url, your will be prompted for them. This seemed like it would be a little more difficult to do as there is very little documentation on the FreeNAS website about packages. I was unable to find any other posts about this setup, so I hope someone else will find it useful.